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    Fire Detection

    Are you looking for advanced and bespoke fire detection systems that are designed, supplied and installed to the exact requirements of your property in Cardiff, Newport, Abergavenny, Brecon and the wider South and Mid Wales region?

    If so, you’re in the right place as Brecon Detection’s local team of experienced and professional fire detection system experts can provide you with a bespoke and premium-quality system delivered by a professional service, to help keep your property safe and protected.

    Whether you are looking for a completely new fire detection system installation or want to heighten the security of an existing system, Beacon Detection can provide you with the right fire detection solutions for your specific needs.

    Industry standards compliant

    Our premium-quality and advanced fire detection systems are designed, installed and maintained to the latest BS5839 British Standards.

    Beacon Detection’s local fire detection equipment experts have extensive experience installing analogue and conventional addressable systems, designed and installed to the category specified in the fire risk assessment.

    Fire Safety Order

    Under the Fire Safety Order, aimed at providing a minimum fire safety standard on all non-domestic premises, businesses and landlords of commercial property have a responsibility to ensure their buildings comply with the Fire Safety Order.

    Beacon Detection’s local Newport fire detection systems team provide a comprehensive solution to ensure your business and/or premises is compliant. As well as offering fire alarm systems to a hotel in Llyswen, fire extinguishers to a pub in Brecon or emergency lighting to a store in Crickhowell, or any commercial building in South and Mid Wales for that matter, Beacon Detection offers Fire Risk Assessments.

    Our close-knit, family-run security and fire equipment business is registered with the FPA (Fire Protection Association), giving you peace of mind that any fire safety systems we design and install for you are up-to-date and compliant with the latest fire regulations and technology.

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    Types of Fire Detection Systems

    Conventional Fire Detection Systems – Small to Medium Size Buildings

    If you own or are responsible for the safety of a small to medium sized building, our Conventional Fire Detection Systems may be the most suitable fire safety solution for your premises.

    This common and simple system for fire detection involves wiring fire devices throughout a building. Audio visual devices are connected on a separate circuit and are either attached under the fire detector or mounted to the walls.

    Beacon Detection’s quality Conventional Fire Detection Systems in Brecon and beyond offer the following:
    Single to multi-zone panels available
    Zoned indication of a fire incident only
    Lower maintenance costs
    Easy to service and maintain
    Not tied to one manufacturer
    Full range of accessories and devices available

    Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm – Medium to Large Buildings

    If you own or have responsibility of the safety of a medium to large building in Brecon and its vicinity, our high-performing analogue addressable fire detection systems could be the right fire detection system for your building. These advanced systems accurately identify the exact position of a fire incident. The panel indicates the zone where the detector has been activated and text reveals the room or area of the fire.

    This advanced detection means fires can be found and dealt with more quickly and efficiently compared to conventional systems, hence why the systems are more suitable for larger buildings.

    Beacon Detection’s efficient Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems offer the following:
    All devices are controlled and powered from the loop
    Multiple types of detectors available
    Easy identification of fire
    Detector compensating reducing false alarms
    Sensitivity levels adjusted for individual areas
    Differing types of audio visual devices
    Reduced installation time

    Get in touch with our experience fire detection system designers and installers in Brecon today who will take care of the fire safety requirements of your building quickly, efficiently and professionally.